FxControllerBridge – Micro Cross-Controller @FXML Injection Helper

The JavaFX team made the choice of allowing injection of components of one FXML file into only one controller. The reason is that developers are encouraged to defined a controller per “component” (in the larger sense). The FXML files should be modular, and composed for instance using “fx:include”. While this is definitively the right thing to do, sometimes you just don’t want to :) In this case, this little injection helper may be useful…

Modal JaxaFX Progress Indicator running in Background

There are times when one just wishes to magically pop-up a modal progress indicator while doing some hard work in the application’s background. The “modality” prevents the user from clicking around triggering all kinds of things, and the nice animation animates the spectator to stay looking at the screen trying to guess various parameters of the operation running behind. This post just explains how to do this…

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