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This is an archive of old projects.

The best way to see my projects is to have a look at my GitHub account: and read the blog :)

Brussels Java User Group

I founded the user group in 2010 and held the chair till 2014. The Olivier Hubaut took over as JUG Leader and he does an amazing job keeping the community alive and kicking. I still am part of the crew though. The Brussels JUG organizes free conferences and other activities to promote technologies living in the Java ecosystem.


End of 2012, the first edition of the DEVOXX4Kids has been organised and I’m one of the founders, together with Stephan Janssen.

At the beginning, we held 2 events, one in French and one in Dutch, in Belgium, but now the movement is gone global with hundreds of event organized on all continents. In 2014/2015, we touched 5000 kids around the world, and it’s growing and growing… You can find more info and impressions on the official web page, and in the videos below.

After 4 years, 15 D4K workshop around the world and participating in multiple events in Belgium, Paris, Geneva, Karlsruhe, London, I left the board and organisation management in 2015.

Sagan-1 Robot Simulator

I wrote the Sagan-1 Robot Simulator in the framework of the Greenlight@Brussels 2011 day, a STEM worshop for young girls where I organised a robotics seminar. In the meantime, I used it for multiple events like OSCON 2012, EU Open Day at the European Commission 2012, Devoxx4Kids 2012-1014.

It’s used to program a robot using simple commands, convenient for kids around 10-14 years old, graphical simulate the outcome and send it (after background cross-compiling) into a real robot. The application is written in Java (1.6) Swing.

Beside of the pure simulation, it supports cross-compiling and downloading into Arexx RP6 and Lego NXT Mindstrom robots out of the box.

Project Page:
Source Codes:

This video is a short resumé of my adventures:

EMCO Compact 5 CNC Simulator

Actually, I wrote this graphical EMCO Compact 5 CNC Simulator for DOS CGA/VGA back in 1992, before I started my studies. Far later, I recovered the sources and the executable files, and open-sourced it. It can be used in the DOSBOX DOS emulator to play with CNC code. The project is concluded, but I made a nice video of the software in action, so I have to showcase this here :)

Technologies: C, ASM 80×86

Additional Project Mini-Pages

Hall Of the Past…



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