The ever-hanging AppleScript Editor

The (My) AppleScript Editor tool, version El Capitan, has the bad habit to hang itself from time to time. Regular saving and killing the blocked process, followed by a simple restart of the tool was generally a good way to mitigate the problem. Once, however it was not possible to cleanly restart the AppleScript Editor even after a reboot…

Bridging VPN to Local Network with a Linux VirtualBox Proxy

A Linux (VirtualBox) VM connects to a VPN and this connection should be usable by the host machine (that runs the VM) or other machines on the local network for that matter. For security reasons, the Linux VM should not be a full member on the local network, which means that it cannot reach anything and cannot be reached on the LAN. This article discusses how to set-up a VM for that case.

Building an Ethereum Environment with Docker

Docker is a powerful tool for managing containers and run-time environments and, besides its many advantages, Docker can also be handy to keep our development workstation tidy while playing with all kind of cool technologies – like Ethereum. In this article, we are going to harness the power of Docker to build a first Ethereum work and development environment.


IntelMQ is a solution for CERTs for collecting and processing security feeds, pastebins, tweets using a message queue protocol. It’s a community driven initiative called IHAP (Incident Handling Automation Project) which was conceptually designed by European CERTs during several InfoSec events. Its main goal is to give to incident responders an easy way to collect and process threat intelligence thus improving the incident handling processes of CERTs.

“Standard” e-Mail Adresses of Mail Servers

Any system that includes an SMTP server supporting mail relaying or delivery MUST support the reserved mailbox “postmaster” as a case- insensitive local name. But there are more “mandatory” standard mailboxes which are defined in RFC2142, among many others… nobody, webmaster, www, ftp, abuse, noc, and more…

Crypto Miner Set-Up – Tanguy’s cpuminer-multi

Mining Altcoins is sometimes quite venturesome. The various download links on the Internet are often pointing to obscure file servers. In this article, we are going to compile Tanguy Pruvot’s version of the “cpuminer-multi” project, one of the most advanced CPU miner tools around, and the, than see how to use it. I also examined the behaviour from a system’s point of view .

Handy bash command collection – Part 28534

Converting a string into a series of hex with printf, Build-in ASCII/DEC/OCT/HEX table: man ascii, Calculate SHA hash values of text, Prevent commands from being logged in history, Obtaining list of MTAs registered to domain, Retrieving the GIT client proxy settings, List of commands, aliases, keywords (Debian)

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