The ever-hanging AppleScript Editor

The (My) AppleScript Editor tool, version El Capitan, has the bad habit to hang itself from time to time. Regular saving and killing the blocked process, followed by a simple restart of the tool was generally a good way to mitigate the problem. Once, however it was not possible to cleanly restart the AppleScript Editor even after a reboot…

FxControllerBridge – Micro Cross-Controller @FXML Injection Helper

The JavaFX team made the choice of allowing injection of components of one FXML file into only one controller. The reason is that developers are encouraged to defined a controller per “component” (in the larger sense). The FXML files should be modular, and composed for instance using “fx:include”. While this is definitively the right thing to do, sometimes you just don’t want to :) In this case, this little injection helper may be useful…

Modal JaxaFX Progress Indicator running in Background

There are times when one just wishes to magically pop-up a modal progress indicator while doing some hard work in the application’s background. The “modality” prevents the user from clicking around triggering all kinds of things, and the nice animation animates the spectator to stay looking at the screen trying to guess various parameters of the operation running behind. This post just explains how to do this…

Doing Dependency Structure Matrices

In a few words: a Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) is a matrix representation of a system or a project that shows the information exchanges and dependency patters between different sub-systems. It can be applied to any kind of project or system, and turns out to be very helpful for analysing IT projects. Want to know more? Just click…

EMCO Compact 5 Simulator

This is the EMCO Compact 5 CNC machine simulator that I wrote back in 1992, in C, years before I started my studies. I have restored it from 3″5 disks, made it runnable in DOSBOX (or on your old PC-XT with Hercules card, if you still have one, and made it open source and downloadable.

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