Isolate VM from LAN, allowing WAN

The following PowerShell script adds a rule to the Firewall of a Windows VM that blocks all traffic to the local network, except the gateway which makes it possible to still access the Internet. The script is executed once in the VM, with administration rights.

$RuleSplat = @{
 Name = "{6B6DB3C0-DE26-4C11-9AE0-A831C74E75A9}"
 Displayname = "MYRULE: No local network but gateway"
 Description = "Blocks access to all 192.168.*.*/24, except supposed to be the gateway. Expected mask is /24."
 Enabled = "True"
 Profile = "Any"
 Direction = "Outbound"
 Action = "Block"
 EdgeTraversalPolicy = "Block"
 LooseSourceMapping = $False
 LocalOnlyMapping = $False
 LocalAddress = "Any"
 RemoteAddress = @("", "")
 Protocol = "Any"
 LocalPort = "Any"
 RemotePort = "Any"
 IcmpType = "Any"
 DynamicTarget = "Any"
 Program = "Any"
 Service = "Any"
 InterfaceAlias ="Any"
 InterfaceType = "Any"
 LocalUser = "Any"
 RemoteUser = "Any"
 RemoteMachine = "Any"
 Authentication = "NotRequired"
 Encryption = "NotRequired"
 OverrideBlockRules = $False

Get-NetFirewallRule -EA SilentlyContinue -Name $RuleSplat.Name | Remove-NetFirewallRule
New-NetFirewallRule -EA Continue @RuleSplat


Potentially, the scripts has to be surrounded with:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope CurrentUser
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy AllSigned -Scope CurrentUser

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