The ever-hanging AppleScript Editor

The (My) AppleScript Editor tool, version El Capitan, has the bad habit to hang itself from time to time. Regular saving and killing the blocked process, followed by a simple restart of the tool was generally a good way to mitigate the problem.

Once, however it was not possible to cleanly restart the AppleScript Editor. Each time the tool was launched, it immediately became unresponsive, and even a reboot could not solve the problem.

Not finding any solution using my favourite search engine, I went looking for all AppleScript Editor artifacts that might be the reason for the problem – and I found one: the “Saved Application State”.

So the solution to an ever-hanging AppleScript Editor is to delete this file:

~/Library/Saved Application State/

This can be achieved with these simple lines, started in a terminal window. Disclaimer: use at your own risk.

cd $HOME"/Library/Saved Application State"
rm -rf

May this help future generations of OS X users to live in peace and prosperity… :)

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