Formula One again – LXDE and Kali 2

Kali 2 is a great improvement to the first version. It is however a source of problems as well.

Whatever I try, the Kali 2 VM still feels slow, graphic outputs lags, as does the terminal window, which makes the ‘del’ buttons quite a pain some times. DuckDuckGoing around shows that this is a rather frequent problem. Moreover, personally, I’m not getting along with the GNOME 3 desktop, so this has to go away!

I’m a huge fan of LUBUNTU, so I finally installed the LXDE desktop. It is and remains my favorite desktop environment.

The result is quite miraculous. The desktop is simple, very responsive and handy. The simple and basic task bar is performant, small and easy to customise. Replacing the background image with a nice dark green colour makes my Kali 2 installation a F1 tool again.

Configuring multiple monitors is easy in LXDE, but unfortunately there is no screen layout manager installed by default, so we install one in the process:

# Install LXDE
$ apt-get install lxde-core lxde kali-defaults kali-root-login desktop-base 

# Select default windows manager 
$ update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

# Install screen layout manager and run it
$ apt-get install arandr
$ arandr
# After configuring the screens via ARandR, the configuration can be "auto-started" by adding the command line into the file:
$ nano /root/.config/autostart/lxrandr-autostart.desktop

Note: This option – – might be an alternative. I recommend however to back-up the VM before trying it. In my case, it totally killed the VirtualBox VM (conflict with guest additions and crash at boot).

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