Ethereum Command-line Pool-client Miner on Windows

Version: 2, 22/10/2015


This small guide explains how to quickly install an Ethereum command-line CPU/GPU miner on a Windows PC. The miner is supposed to connect to a Mining Pool, so no local Blockchain client (like geth or eth) is needed. At the time of writing, the AlethOne GUI application is not stable enough to be used.

WARNING: This article uses version “0.9.92”, 13 Sep 2015, which is RELEASE CANDIDATE 2. It’s not stable yet, and you use this version at your own risk. I use the ethminer without any problem. The other applications are however not yet stable.

Download and Install

Download the latest release of the Ethereum tools suite, which includes:

  • AlethOne: Streamlined desktop client for mining,
  • AlethZero: Power-user desktop client,
  • eth: Daemon and console client,
  • etherminer: A command line tool for mining.

Then execute the setup procedure.

Command-line mining

Open a command-line window (Start, Run…, cmd.exe) in the tools directory and perform the following operation.

C:\>cd /d "C:\Program Files\Ethereum 0.9.92\Release"              (<-- Example, use your directory) 

C:\Program Files\Ethereum 0.9.92\Release> 
       ethminer -G -F<your hash rate>@<your coinbase = ethereum account address>
       ethminer -G -F

To display the ethminer command-line options:

ethminer.exe --help

To test your hash rate:

ethminer.exe -G -M


1) If you are uncomfortable letting run 3rd party applications in this way, ethminer runs very well in a sandbox, at the condition that it connects to an external mining pool server. geth does currently not run inside the sandbox for yet unknown reasons (probably conflicts with the Go environment). Cross-sandbox, ethminer inside and geth outside, network connections are not possible for security reasons.

2) Installing on a non-development PC may render an error on a missing MSVCR120.DLL, which is the Visual C++ 2013 Runtime. It can be downloaded from the official Microsoft web site: Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013,

3) If your GPU has not enough memory to run the miner process, you will get this message: OpenCL device GeForce GTX 570 has insufficient GPU memory.1342177280 bytes of memory found < 1423739904 bytes of memory required No GPU device with sufficient memory was found. Can't GPU mine. Remove the -G argument. Take it like a hero :)

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