Reset Partition Layout of an USB Stick

After installing a bootable Linux system on an USB stick, the stick contains multiple partitions, which make it a pain to reformat it into something “normal” again. Windows provides a solution thought:

Important: Whatever you do, be sure to select the right partition!

c:\> diskpart

DISKPART> list disks

  N° disque  Statut         Taille   Libre    Dyn  GPT
  ---------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
  Disque 0    En ligne        953 G octets      0 octets
  Disque 1    En ligne        111 G octets      0 octets
  Disque 2    En ligne        139 G octets      0 octets
  Disque 3    En ligne       5589 G octets   500 G octets        *
  Disque 4    En ligne         14 G octets      0 octets

DISKPART> select disk 4            ( <-- be sure to select the USB stick, otherwise.... groosse catastofe!)

Le disque 4 est maintenant le disque sélectionné.

DISKPART> clean all                ( <-- performs a LOW LEVEL format of the stick, takes some time)

Now you use a tool like YUMI with the empty partition or format the drive using “diskpart” like this:

create partition primary
select partition 1
format    (or: format quick) (or: format fs=ntfs)

In case you get an “Access Denied” at the FORMAT command, it’s possible that some other command still is executing in the background. You can open the “DiskManager” (diskmgmt.msc) as Administrator to get an overview of this operations in progress.

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