Create an Apple ID without Credit Card

Downloading regular security updates and bug fixes for the software you bought with your hard earned gold thaler requires to login into the Apple Store and wen setting up you Apple Store account the first time to just getting the updates, Apple requires to enter your credit card information. This is simply disrespectful.

After searching the digital highways, I’ve found a way to get around that requirement after all.

While being logged out, open the classic Apple Store home page. In the main menu, on the right-hand side, click “Redeem” (1). This redirects you to the login page, where you perform a classic login.

Then, again, the account set-up wizard opens. Just go through all screens as you did it probably two hundred times while trying to skip the payment screen (*). Of course, read very carefully the 20 pages where you declare to accept giving Apple your first born. Accept, because you don’t really have a choice, and land on the profile information page.

That’s where the magic happens… a new button has appeared beside the usual payment type selection: NONE (3).

Select this, conclude the deal and retry downloading the updates. Login and start… and it works! Eureka! :)

(*) Did you know that typing a password hundred times in frustration and anger is the best way make sure to never forget this password again! ;)

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