Imifos at DEVOXX Paris 2013

C’est fini! The second edition of the DEVOXX France conference is bygone and what remains are souvenirs of a great time in Paris.

Meeting old friends and making new acquaintances, discover new and fascinating stuff in crowded conference rooms and passionate discussions during evening lunches, that was the conference for me. According to Nicolas, DEVOXX France 2013 was also “1478 badges, 180 speakers, a team of 18 volunteers, 9 audio-video technicians and globally 99% of satisfied attendees“.

Let me present a retrospective of the conference – in pictures, of course, telling more than thousands words…

Just a small regret that I have…. the fact that I missed DEVOXX UK this year. As member of the Paper Committee I was of course invited, but I opted for the full DEVOXX France version this time. Next year, I’ll very definitively prefer a 50/50 :-)


The opening keynote… Paper Committee in the background, the DEVOXX France team and Antonio Gonclaves in pink!
Stephan Janssen, Dad of the DEVOXX family, at the opening keynote.
Martin Odersky, the dad of SCALA and Java Generics, at the opening keynote on “Objects and functions, conflict without a cause?”
As well at the opening keynote: Clarisse Herrenschmidt about “L’histoire des écritures”… starting with the historical origins of signs far in the past, she concluded with Alan Turing – that’s where “our” digital history begins… She received a standing-ovation!
“Winter is coming” by Aurélien Pelletier and Didier Girard. A IMHO rather flat rant on the Java Enterprise world. Could have been a great talk with a bit more finesse.
“Real-time Hadoop: Do it right now with Hadoop and Storm” by Ted Dunning. Machine learning principles explained for Dummies (like me :)
Caffeine bombs…
“Creating Games with WebGL and Three.js” by James Williams.
“Animez vos pages HTML5: un tour d’horizon complet des techniques d’animation en HTML5” by Martin Gorner. One of the most stunning talks. Check the presentation out at this place – all HTML5 yeah!
I just took a picture through the open door, don’t know what this talk was about :)
“Domotique Low Cost, façon DIY” by Laurent Huet.
“Normal ou décaféiné?” by Alexis Moussine-pouchkine at the 2nd day keynote.
The Devoxx crowd at the 2nd day keynote.
Nicolas Martignole aka Le Touilleur Express, Devoxx France core team member, and Stephan “Dad” Janssen. A good example of “Synergy” – the interaction of multiple elements to produce an effect greater than their sum :)
Devoxx4Kids France BOF by the two organisers Audrey Neveu and Claude Falguière, having a life conference call with the Devoxx4Kids team in Belgium, here Daniel De Luca.
The French Java Duchesses in Action!
Thierry Wasylczenko and Jim Weaver, Oracle JavaFX evangelist, in an interview about, well, JavaFX.
Thierry Wasylczenko on JavaFX…
Stephan Janssen and Yolande Poirier, Oracle Community Outreach Manager, warming up for an interview session :)
Oracles interview session, a more artistic essay :)
“Java EE 7 en Détail” by David Delabassee, the last french speaking Oracle evangelist :) And Arun Gupta just sitting beside me *thumbs up*.
“JavaScript pour les développeurs Java: quels sont les pièges à éviter?” by Florian Boulay. Unfortunately only a quickie. A great session and a must see for all Java web developers around!
The NAO robot controlled by a LEAP device prototype! Fun :-)
Devoxxians over and over…
Even more Devoxxians…
Most important: 0xCOFFEE!
*thumbs up*
SonarSouce on Sonar…
“Developing Modern Web Apps With Backbone.js” by Sylvain Zimmer, (co-)founder of Jamendo, Joshfire, TEDxParis and the dotJS conference. A real JavaScript genious!
“AngularJS, ou le futur du développement Web” by Thierry Chatel, the founder of the famous Frangular blog.
Thierry Chatel presenting the earliest AngularJS homepage from 2009, at this time in a nerdy geocities look :)
Jean-Laurent De Morlhon and Pierre Gayvallet interviewed by the Programatoo crew just before their session “Le fantome, le zombie et testacular, panorama des outils de tests pour application web moderne.”
And last but not least, the life Cast Codeurs session concluding Devoxx France edition 2013 with a lot of beer and fun!
After the conference is before the conference! See you next year!

More pictures (in hi-res):

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