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Last year at the Devoxx 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium, we premiered a brand new track for Devoxx: Future<DEVOXX>. Driven by our passion for not only the traditional Java world of laptops, desktops and servers, but also for all the emerging technologies that shape our present and will shape our future. We gathered expert speakers to showcase things sometimes lying far outside of the so far discovered Java continent.

Of course in the rapidly growing world of embedded devices Java, although a relative newcomer, is becoming a true shooting star. But we did not limit ourselves just to the Java ecosystem and served up a flavorful cocktail of topics from a variety of different domains including robotics, embedded devices, drones and even a few amusing things. For a flavour of the content check out “Robots That Care” on Parleys.

We were, and especially me, amazed by the incredible reception of the track. Full house, so to speak, for all Future<Devoxx> sessions, fascinated faces, glowing eyes! That was my personal reward for all the work done by the team.

Afterward we decided that this track has to be part of Devoxx UK! However we ran into an unexpected problem! We received so many awesome conference proposals that we had a very hard time to select the best and most interesting topics and speakers for you. Many great talks had to be rejected including some from the Future<Devoxx> track. Nevertheless, expect enticing embedded devices, Java in the box, and some cute and fascinating robots!

Devoxx UK is about amazing talks, great speakers, smart Devoxxians and galactic networking and… absolutely cool devices! :-)

“At the bottom, robotics is about us. It is the discipline of emulating our lives, of wondering how we work.” Prof. Rod Grupen, Discover Magazine, June 2008

Imifos, Future<Devoxx> track lead

See also “NAO visiting Devoxx 2012“.

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