RHoK Belgium – Event #3 – Conclusion

RHoK #3:

We started the 3rd Random Hacks of Kindness Belgium on Saturday with a headcount of 16 people. Both coders and non-coders started brainstorming about two problems presented by the “Movement Without a Name” (Bond Zonder Naam). BZN is a Belgo-Flemish NGO helping disadvantaged people in need, giving them food, shelter, hope, social contacts, … and rising awareness!

BZN will launch a new campaign on the 12th of December. Website, TV spots, ads in newspapers and also a online Loneliness Test. This was one of the two applications we worked on – and we finished the task!

We also did a few non-coding tasks. Marina Cooreman was so kind to translate Bring The Food, created at RHoK Trento, to Dutch! And thanks to Chad Badiyan, we were able to submit a data set with all food banks in Brussels to be injected into the Sheltr database.

We’ve been cooperating with other RHoKs as well. We connected with RHoK Trento to talk about extra features in the Bring The Food application and skyped with RHoK South Hampton to see what they were up to.

We were located at the headquarters of De Persgroep, the biggest media company of Belgium, so journalism couldn’t be missing at our event. Rina Tsubaki from the European Journalism Center was here to follow-up on the complete RHoK event (internationally) and to see how it feels to join such an event. We might work together in the future to create some data mining tools making it easier for smaller media agencies to create quality articles about emergency situation through the usage of ICT and networking. A very nice idea that ignited at the RHoK #3.

Chad Badiyan, from Second Muse acting as steward of the international RHoK movement, gave some insights into how the organisation works at top level. Interesting – and important – to know: Google, NASA, The World Bank and the other main players behind the movement are still there, providing council and taking decisions. And Second Muse, that’s my personal opinion, does a great job stewarding the events!


This event was simple great in terms of organisation done by Maarten Cautreels, in terms of hackers and non-hackers working hand-in-hand to actually conclude projects that have impact, concerning national and international support from Second Muse, the other RHoKs, the European Journalism Center and BZN, and in respect to the amazing venue provided by De Persgroep and the barrels of food sponsored by Contribute4J! Saying that we made the world a bit of a better place is not a presumption!


Impressions: (use the back button to close the picture)

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