Imifos versus Ubuntu 12.10 in a Virtual Box

I recently installed UBUNTU 12.10 (32-bit) in a Oracle’s Virtual Box (4.2.4) on a WINDOWS 7 64-bit host and the result was quite “unsatisfying” (that’s the least to say). First, I was not able to increase screen resolution to more than 1024×748. Secondly, it was running  incredibly slow. Useless!

To get it running, multiple steps where needed.

1) Increase video memory (to the maximum, let’s be modest) and activate 3D support in the VM’s “Settings-Display-Video” tab.

2) Install the “Guest Additions” by booting the VM and performing the following steps: select [A] in the Virtual Box menu, wait for (virtual) drive mounting to finish, open the mounted drive, hit the [B] button, wait… hit Return ([C]) to conclude.

3) Execute “sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-utils virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 virtualbox-ose-guest-dkms” in a terminal. (Note that I’m not sure if this is required after performing step 2.)

4) Restart the VM.

The problems is not solved yet. Ubuntu does not include anymore a 2D version of Unity nor the original GNOME desktop, and the 3D version of Unity simply does not (yet) work in a VB. The command “/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p” shows the problem: no support for Unity 3D.

I use Ubuntu for hardware hacking with my Beagleboards, Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s, to build my distros on memory cards etc., so I do not need the fancy user interface. I decided to go back to GNOME classic edition:

5) In the Ubuntu Software Center (the fancy orange shopping bag icon), install the “gnome-session-fallback” package. Alternatively, sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

6) Logout

7) In the login screen, hit the little Ubuntu icon beside your account name and select “Gnome Classic (No Effects)“. Click OKay and login again…

Welcome to the old and beloved (…empty and spaciously…) GNOME 2 desktop…

(You can un-mount the Guest Additions)

Personal note:

I was quite disturbed by the fact that the Ubuntu web site tried to “push” me into “donating”. The “skip and proceed with the download” link was quite tiny compared to the “spend money” part of the screen. I’m not against paying for good software, but the “pressure” was quite a change to the “I’m totally free” feeling that I had in the past when downloading Linux things. I’m not sure how “normal” users perceive this.

Seeing the “Amazon” icon on the desktop left as well a uncomfortable feeling. When I read about this integration in the news, I did not really understand all the negative comments, but now I think that this is IMHO not a good idea. It is not the “affiliate” idea that bothers me, but the feeling that Amazon, a world-global make-money-by-all-means delete-kindle-content-without-justification user-data-is-a-business-model company, has a permanent connection to my personal room, my daily work space, my desktop. It’s an intrusion! Let’s see whereto this path leads us…

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