DEVOXX is coming and shows us the Future…

The DEVOXX Java conference is approaching fast and as lead of the brand new Future<DEVOXX>; track, I would like to share some general and track specific things.

Devoxx (formerly named JavaPolis) is an annual European Java conference organized in Antwerp, Belgium. The conference takes place every year around November.

With over 2,800 attendees in 2006, JavaPolis became the biggest vendor-independent Java conference in the world. In 2008, the conference was renamed Devoxx. With over 3300 attendees, Devoxx 2011 was sold out 6 weeks before the event.

In 2012, the first edition of Devoxx France took place from 18/4 till 20/4 in Paris. With more than 1000 attendees and 199 speakers Devoxx France was sold out 1 week before the event.

Devoxx takes place in the second-biggest European cinema complex, the MetroPolis, located in Antwerp, Belgium. As a result, the speakers’ video and slides are projected on the huge cinema screens using the available THX audio setup.

Devoxx Key Facts: (based on previous editions)

  • 3300+ Developers from over 40 countries
  • 5 Days, 2 University Days, 3 Conference Days
  • 150+ Presentations
  • Low Entrance fee
  • Endorsed by 60 Java User Groups worldwide!
  • Events: University sessions, Conference talks, Tools-in-action, Hands-on Labs, Quickies, BOFs, Exhibition (all-day), Meet & Greet Evening, Movie Evening, Party @Noxx
  • University sessions: 4 parallel tracks, 16 University slots (In depth presentations, From the source), 20 Tools In Action slots ( 30 min. action packed presentations)
  • Conference sessions: 90+ presentations, 7 parallel tracks, One hour presentations



The Future<Devoxx> track is a brand new thingy in this edition. We’ll embrace the world where software meets hardware and schedule talks on walking objects, interactive objects like Arduino, but also intelligent flying and real-time rolling devices! Basically anything that feels happy in the Future<Devoxx>.

Please welcome our NAO keynote speaker on this subject:

And finally an interview with the chairman of the conference…

Today, as I write this, the Call For Paper is closed and the DEVOXX Edition 2012 is sold out. 17 Sessions are scheduled in the Future<DEVOXX>; track: 9 Conferences, 2 Hands-On Labs, 1 Quickies, 2 Tools in Action, 1 University and 2 BOFs. A lot of things to see and learn.

Here is a list of the sessions, so you can find them back easily using the fantastic mobile schedulers. Some of them are hidden gems, that I can promise :)

  • – ArduPilot: an Introduction to UAVs
  • – The Fascinating World of NAO
  • – Do you like coffee with your dessert? Java and the Raspberry Pi
  • – Engineering Elegance: The Secrets of Square’s Stack
  • – Robots That Care
  • – Home Automation for Geeks
  • – NFC, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Android and NodeJS Case-Study
  • – Smart, Small, Connected: Java in the Internet of Things
  • – Using Java for robotics with Aldebaran’s humanoid robot NAO
  • – Cloud Robotics
  • – The Mocha Raspberry Pi Lab
  • – Hands-On Intro to iOS6 for Java Developers
  • – How to embed an application server into a hat
  • – ‘Back to the Future’ – Taking Arduino back to its Java roots to move forward
  • – JavaFX on Smart Embedded Devices
  • – Intro to iOS6 for Java Developers.
  • … and our very special keynote!

I’ll hope to see your there and don’t hesitate to say hello with you see me flying by. A yes, join me at my BOF ;)

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