DEVOXX4Kids is coming!

The project has been brewing since quite a bit of time already. Especially due to the work for the DEVOXX conference, the preparation got a bit delayed. But now we are ready!

The first two DEVOXX4Kids events will be organised in October 2012 – one in French, in Brussels, and one in Dutch, in Gent.

The target audience are kids between 10 and 14 and we have quite some nice projects planned:

  • – A Scratch workshop
  • – My “famous” ;) Mars mission using Lego Mindstorms and Arexx RP6 robots (I wrote already a lot about,
  • – A pure Lego Mindstorms robot specifically made for kids of this age.
  • – Moreover, we will have the Dwengo team demonstrating robots walking walls and making robot battles, and, obvious, my NAO will be there to introduce the kids to the project.

Curious to know more? Just hit the logo above.

A yes, we still need some adults as assistants. That’s the chance to stay with your kid and learn some funny stuff at the same time :)

(NB. I still have an unexplored Dwengo robot at home and these cool guys were event so kind to send me a compass senor free of charge! Time for me to try this little beast asap. :)

1 thought on “DEVOXX4Kids is coming!

  1. It was a very nice day for the kids and the organizers ! And a real success !
    Pierre — Lego Mindstorm Workshop (French Day)

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