Robotics for Kids workshop at the Europa Festival 2012

Yesterday, May 12 2012, the European Institutions in Brussels were open to all citizens to celebrate the European Festival 2012. Hundreds of animations, stands, concerts and activities were organised around the institutions. Parliament, Commission and Council opened their doors widely and thousands of citizens came to catch a glimpse from behind the curtains.

I had the pleasure to make, together with some dear friends, a Robotics workshop for Kids in the booth of DG INFSO (DG CONNECT). We mounted a Mars landscape, installed 4 PCs for the Kids and NAO was of course in on it to instruct the future robotics and ESA specialists for the mission.

It was a very VERY hard day. 06:30 in the out of bed, installation till 10:00 and then kids, parents, people till 18:00. Hard, but so amazing, constructive and inspiring. The kids, of all ages, girls and boys, were so fascinated by programming the robots and listing to NAO. Living this was the real reward for our team. Besides, I got interviewed by a Commissioner, accompanied by perceived 20 TV cameras and photographers…. It felt … “special”…

ICT for Young and Old
Our stage!

This video shows NAO explaining the mission. It’s a dry run before the event, in french:


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