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Last week, I joined a meeting at the Belgian Java User Group to brainstorm about how we could teach programming to kids (of around 11 to 15 years).

All this started from out of an idea of a “kids IT conference”, “Devoxx For Kids”, that Stephan Janssen and I discussed in November 2011. At this time, we put the project aside, but now it’s time to bring the old files to the surface again.

The – still evolving working – minutes of the meeting are available on the BeJUG side (links at the bottom).

Stephan also made a Google Group, a LinkedIn group and a Facebook group – so everybody is really invited to join the effort!

Before jumping to the fun part of this post, I have to say that this meeting affirms again my thoughts about the fact that such initiatives are greatly required – for girls (of course), but also for boys. Our educational system seems to be stuck at Generation X level, how could this work out for Generation Y+++?

Ah yes, the fun part… Actually, I programmed my NAO to make the project introduction to people. It was so funny to see the eyes of the attendees, all adults, illuminating when NAO entered the scene :-)

Let me share the impressions with you.

On the Scene…

Dry-run in my lucubratory…



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