My Nabaztag is alive again…

After years, Years, YEARS of hibernation, my Nabaztag is revived again. Possible was this thanks to the great work of the Nab-Community, the numerous open-source applications written for the zombie rabbit, the never ending enthusiasm of some Nabaztag fans and especially the work of Julien Cheype, ex-Mindscaper and creator of the project.

The hugest drawback of the old Nabaztag is the limitation to WEP and WPA (1) Wifi security (that’s why it stayed in the box for so long). So I created a (hidden) WPA network and activated Mac filtering just for the hare. Back-up solution.

The history of the Lapin is really tumultuous, but finally the ownership of the old Nabaztag and its successor Karotz landed in the competent hands of Aldebaran Robotics (that re-founded Violet), the makers of NAO, which hopefully will be more serious about this product.

Since I use robotics very much in the kids’ education domain, I just ordered the new version of the Karotz as well. I’m sure that Karotz and NAO make a great duo in the class rooms! I’ll keep you informed about my experiences with the new bunny.  (English wikipedia isn’t updated yet)

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