Robotics at Greenlight Day Brussels 2011 – Robot Simulator

The robot simulator for the G4G event is now in prototype state. Some fine-tuning still is to do and the interface has to be translated into different languages.

Programming a mission, simulating it and cross-compiling into RP6 hex files (then sending it to the RP6 using the RP6Loader tool) is all operational.

The RP6 is programmed using Logo-like commands, keeping measurements in real units (degrees, millimetres) in order too not to remove all challenges. The simulator translates the simple DSL into a C program, compiled into RP6 code using the WinAVR tool suite.

More details about all this will follow later. The program will be open-sourced after the G4G event anyway.

The Mars pictures are © by ESA and are allowed to be used for educational purpose – which is the intention of this application.

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