Robotics at Greenlight Day Brussels 2011 – Prelude

Yesterday, I had a very constructive evening at the Greenlight For Girls event preparation evening about the next Greenlight@Brussels Day coming up on 26th of November 2011. I’ll prepare a Robotics workshop for the girls and already found the, I hope, right robots to use: The Arexx RP6:

I don’t have any experience with these machines, but they look perfect for the purpose and are affordable (at the end, I’ll need more than one).

Still, the time frame is narrow since the event is in two months and I have to go from zero to hero within this time. I’ll keep you updated!

Just in case that you don’t know the Greenlight for Girls initiative, here’s a pitch:

Greenlight for Girls is an International NGO and a social initiative with the mission to encourage girls of all ages to consider a future in math, science, engineering and technology by introducing them to the world of science in fun and exciting ways. The Board of Directors is a small group of professionals from science-related fields, gender equality researchers and international teachers located in Europe, USA, India and Africa. Our volunteers are individuals and organisations who wish to contribute their knowledge and time to this endeavour — they are men and women from a diversity of backgrounds, nationalities and professions with the common wish to make a difference in a child’s future.

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