Hide-and-Seek with Google

(Note: Post from my old Blog)

The German online magazine Spiegel Online has published recently a very interesting article about what Google knows about you and how to restrict the information they collect.

Especially in our times, it becomes more and more important to protect our privacy and we certainly cannot count on politicians to do so for us. So I would like to share the most important links for all that are not able to read the German original. They are all public, but you have to search for them.

This page allows to set the “Google personalized Ads Opt-Out” cookie in your browser:

The next allows to do the same for the Google company DoubleClick:

Nice, but these are just cookies and this means that when someone deletes them from your browser settings, you will “Opt-In” again. To avoid this, you can install the Google Opt-Out add-on:

You can remove your Google Web History created when you are surfing while logged in your Google account:

To set an Opt-Out cookie for the general surf tracing, click here:

It is not possible to Opt-Out from GoogleAnalytics (which I don’t use on my blog). You have to either use NoScript (which you should do in any case) or do this.


Happy Surfing! :)

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